We Serve Restaurants.


  • Increase digital orders
  • Manage the phones during busy times
  • Optimize catering

Brands like Lemonade and Tocaya leverage YepChat’s phone experience to increase both catering and digital sales. YepChat helps convert traditional phone orders to digital orders by pushing callers to mobile apps and other self-serve online platforms. YepChat also supports catering sales by providing robust routing options to live agents as well as smart tools that help capture missed calls -- and lost opportunities!


  • Delight your guests on every call
  • Increase digital reservations
  • Never miss a call

Restaurant groups like NoHo Hospitality and Cactus Club Cafe use YepChat to treat every guest like a VIP. YepChat intelligently triages and routes guest calls through the most effective channel given real-time considerations such as guest needs and in-store load. These custom workflows provide restaurant staff the extra flexibility needed to ensure a high level of service to all guests...even during peak times like the dinner rush!


  • Reduce or eliminate phone calls
  • Increase efficiency
  • Deflect calls to 3rd parties

YepChat helps brands like Hart House and Tropical Smoothie Cafe reduce phone calls to just a handful so your staff can focus on the guests that need more attention. By routing delivery marketplace calls to the providers, guests are taken care of efficiently.

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